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Hotel with a Mini-club in Favignana

Hotel with a Mini-club in Favignana

The Hotel with a Mini-club in Favignana Cala Luna is an authentic point of reference for families with children because it offers a service that is particularly appreciated by children.
A plus that was born with the intention of making holidays for adults, children and teenagers even more serene, relaxing and fun.
The team is made up of professional entertainers ready to involve guests on a daily basis with games and activities of various kinds carried out in various locations of the structure.

4-star hotel with a Mini-club in Favignana

Through the Mini-club the aim is to stimulate children's imagination, to involve them in group activities, to allow greater interaction, to foster knowledge and integration, to learn and discover new things and of course to have fun.
The activities take place in the different spaces of the hotel, in the internal areas but above all outdoors, in the garden and at the two swimming pools.
Games and pastimes are designed to give children the opportunity to spend as much time as possible outdoors, in the company of their peers.

Hotel with a Mini-club in Favignana near the sea

Among the most important spaces of Cala Luna for activities involving children are the swimming pools. Here games are organised that are played in total safety and that allow the little ones to have fun but also to learn to swim.
Equally popular are the activities that combine the playful component with the educational one such as theatre and dancing.
Without forgetting the more classic and movement games.

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